Neoprene is not the Earths friendliest material. In fact when it ends up in landfill it’s downright indestructible. That’s why we’ve teamed up with our production partner to help see that all our neoprene is (1) utilized as well as it can be (2) when there’s nothing left to be made from it, or you’re totally done using it, we work to make sure it’s recycled and not just thrown away.

SO IN HOUSE we’ve developed our GROW WITH US program. Here’s how it works:

Firstly we’d like to encourage you to get all the wear out of your wetsuits as possible! Hand them down, loan them out, use them well and then when your babes have gotten all the wear out of them that they can: SEND THEM BACK TO US. We'll make sure they either find another happy home (if they’re still in good nic) or if they’ve lived the best life they can; we’ll not only have them recycled into something else epic BUT WE WILL ALSO GIVE YOU A $15 CREDIT towards your next wetsuit, to keep the good vibes going.

So what do you think - wanna Grow With Us?

To find out more about our GROW WITH US PROGRAM email RECYCLE@OTHERS.NYC