This section of our site is specifically dedicated to our projects and initiatives targeting Autism Acceptance and building the awareness, and often funds, necessary to make that a possibility. 

The ocean and surf community offers such an incredible environment for folks with disabilities and, we know, it just takes a little knowledge and love to create space for them to reap the life changing benefits they can provide.

In the past we've partnered with an organisation that offers surf therapy to families like ours -- because if you didn't know it already our eldest son is Autistic -- and we plan to continue to serve them as best we can, as well as direct funds and attention to other great initiatives and creators dedicated to creating a better life and world for Autistic individuals. 

This past April 2022 we launched a project (we hope to continue) called 'A Friend Of Rhodes' where we asked our Others fam to sponsor the initiative and help us create acceptance for people like our son. With the hoodies we did this year; we also sent out a card that helped people answer the question "Who is Rhodes" and other people like him -- by giving some info and simple steps to be a better friend to the Neurodivergent people in your world. We were stoked to be able to feature different Neurodivergent creators works on these cards and below you can find more info and links to support these creators directly -- we hope this blesses you as much as it did us.

Remember -- when in doubt turn to Autistic voices when it comes to questions about Autistic people. We hope our efforts serve them (and Rhodes) well but we're not an authority on the topic.

For questions/feedback about our Friend Of Rhodes endeavors please don't hesitate to reach out to me (Rhodes Mum and Owner/Designer for Others) Leonie directly -- 

Cheers, X


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